Chris Yerlig, is originally from England and began performing on the streets of France and Spain. He has been performing and teaching around the world for over 20 years. Notable performances and collaborations include:
    • Cirque Du Soleil: American Express VIP Preshow
    • Jeff McBride’s Wonderground, Las Vegas NV: variety club show with Mr McBride & other acts
“Wow! Great finale.”Jeff McBride, Magician of the Year, Magic Castle, Los Angeles


    • Sony USA, Standard and Poors, Swissbank, Federal Reserve Bank, LL Bean: Company events
    • Huis Ten Bosch theme park, Nagasaki Japan
    • Kimtom International Clown Festival, Shanghai, China
    • Circus America:
      • Olympic Games Pan-Athenic Festival, Athens, GA: Clown
      • Circo Mundial, Puerto Rico: Clown Doctor Program, Director/performer
    • Beach Street USA, Street Performance,Virginia Beach VA; 2008-2012
“The creativity and professionalism added a great deal to our event. Rave reviews from customers.”J.M, L.L. Bean


“An outstanding artist who performs his craft flawlessly and dazzles the audience. By far one of the best.” Long Island Fair, NY


      • Project Troubador, Salisbury CT:
        1. HIV/AIDS awareness education through music and theater tours of the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, and Cameroon and Benin in Africa
        2. Performances in schools, orphanages, hospitals in Haïti, Morocco, Bangladesh & Dominican Republic
      • Mundo di Mucha (‘Child’s World’- non-profit in Curaçao in Netherlands Antilles): Performances for schoolchildren, disabled children and adults.
      • Magicians Without Borders :mime workshops and performances in IndiaEl Salvador, Guatemala
      • Clowns Without Borders: team leader on 2 clown tours to Haiti
      • Enchanted Circle Theater, Holyoke MA:
        1. School theater residencies
        2. Touring theater productions for schools
      • Hasbro Children’s Hospital, Child Life Services, Providence RI: shows and workshops
“Witness the engaging talents of this skilled performer as he brings smiles to the faces of patients, families and staff… Children forget about their IV poles, the bandages and their pain. A magical moment for everyone!”P.M, Arts Coordinator, Hasbro Children’s Hospital/Rhode Island Hospital


    • Providence Children’s Museum, Providence, RI
    • Massachusetts General Hospital, Hartford Hospital CT, St Mary’s General Hospital CTFund raiser events
“One of the funniest…captures the hearts of our audiences…timing and rhythms are flawless…maintains the children’s attention whether they are 3 or 13…..you can’t take your eyes off him. ” K.L. Providence Children’s Museum, RI


Chris has had the privilege of performing all over the world since his European beginnings in France, Spain and England. He now makes his home in New England, in Massachusetts, USA and travels all over the USA and the world. Other countries he has performed in are Bangladesh, Benin & Cameroon (in Africa), Canada, China, Curaçao, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Japan, Morocco, and Switzerland.

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