Being unspoken, mime and silent performing easily transcend language barriers making it ideal entertainment for audiences worldwide. Doors to friendship are opened easily through the universal appeal of Chris's art which has been seen in the African countries of Benin, Cameroon and Morocco, as well as Bangladesh, Canada, China, Curaçao, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, France, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Japan, Puerto Rico, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. And all over the USA.

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--INDIA--November 2018 to February 2019, with Magicians Without Borders


--HAITI --January 2017, Arts program at OFEU Orphanage partnering with Christie Cahill, Project Troubador and Haiti Orphanage Sponsorship Trust

--HAITI --December 2016, with Clowns Without Borders and partnering with Haitian performers

--INDIA --November 2016, Young Peoples camps with Our Children Org and Magicians Without Borders

--HAITI --March 2016, with Clowns Without Borders... partnering with Project Troubador and Haitian performers

--INDIA --May 2016, Drought region shows with Caring Friends Org and Magicians Without Borders

--BANGLADESH --December 2015/January 2016, with Project Troubador


--INDIA --January, April & November 2015, with Magicians Without Borders and Project Troubador

-- HAITI -- April 2014, with Haiti Orphanage Sponsorship Trust

--BANGLADESH -- May 2013, with Project Troubador

--INDIA --April 2013, with Magicians Without Borders

-- HAITI -- March 2013

A week at a Haitian ORPHANAGE and a visit to the INAUGURATION of some new TOILETS.
orphans & me

On behalf of the Vermont group, Haiti Orphanage Sponsorship Trust, I visited the Foyer Evangelique Universel Orphanage near Port-au Prince, Haiti to look at the most effective way to continue helping. There are 39 children who have lost their parents to earthquake and disease, or have families too poor to care for them. Despite the efforts of the family that cares for them no one quite gets proper nutrition and all are at risk from skin disorders, and diseases like malaria and cholera. The area is also prone to hurricane flooding. The children had seen my show in November 2012 and were keen to see tricks and silliness again, providing a welcome distraction from the hardships of their lives.

As part of our research into toilets safe from flooding, the director of the Orphanage and I made the 6-hour each way bus trip to Southwest Haiti to attend the inauguration of some composting toilets built by the organization YoutHaiti.


--HAITI-- November 2012, for Project Troubador

*Rural 'MEDECINE SHOW' with Nurse Practitioner Louise Lindenmeyr
*MIME WORKSHOP for Haitian actors at HAITI SPECTACLE theater company

The month-long journey was sponsored by the arts organization PROJECT TROUBADOR. Many thanks to them.

majofwe Entertaining the folks waiting to see N.P. Louise.
Montfort Laugh Doctor Chris, Institut Montfort School for the Deaf, Haiti. For Project Troubador.
Orphans Show at the Foyer Evangelique Universel Orphanage in Croix-des Bouquets, Haiti.
HSpec_skit Workshop for Haitian actors at Haiti Spectacle, a Port-au-Prince theater company: 'At the Museum' mime skit.
HSpec_grp With actors from Haiti Spectacle

Bangladesh School show as guest of Toitomboor Children's Magazine, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2012. For Project Troubador News coverage of a bangladesh event: http://www.jaago.com.bd/whats-happening/news-a-events/252-mime-performan...
Mime & Opera With Chinese performer, during Kimtom Clown Festival Shanghai, China (Photo: Rich Potter)
Maroc Magic Magic tricks for Berber Children in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. With Project Troubador.
Dom_Rep Rural Dominican Republic show with Vermont Dom. Rep. Project
Curacao Schools show in Curaçao, for 'Mundo di Mucha'
Salvador Mime Mime Student Show in El Salvador, with 'Magicians Without Borders'
Guatemala Magic for Orphans in Guatemala with 'Magicians Without Borders'